【Autumn leaves season】Kinosaki Onsen Onishiya Suishoen + Crab Feast 5-day tour

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Kinosaki Onsen Crab 5 days

Kinosaki Onsen Onishiya Suishoen

Autumn & Winter Limited: Onsen x Crab Feast!!

Constructed with traditional Japanese “sukiya” style construction around an inner garden which features a bubbling stream, this hotel is lit by small bonfires after sundown to light the stone Noh stage. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this hotel while relaxing in bare feet or tabi (Japanese socks). The rooms and hallways of this hotel are floored with tatami mats, on which shoes are not used. The subtle scents of tatami and decorations throughout the hotel enhance the stay.

A “Must Do” in autumn leaves season: Sagano Scenic Railway

Reserved the popular railway tickets for you!!

Kitano Tenmangū: Night scenery with autumn leaves

Arrange tea time within the beautiful shrine area!!

Free 2 day 1 night car rental for 2 travelers or more

Self-drive in the North of Kyoto to visit some stunning places!!

Sagano Scenic Railway & Kitano Tenmangū with autumn leaves
Kinosaki Onsen Onishiya Suishoen + Crab Feast 5-day tour


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