San’in + San’yo 5-day Package

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山陰 + 山陽 4 晚住宿連自駕遊 5 日套票

San’in + San’yo Crab, Onsen and Le Guide Michelin-starred Attractions,
4-Night Accommodation & Self Drive Travel in San’in 5-Day Package


©Tottori Prefecture ©JNTO

Package included:

 1 Night Accommodation in Okayama
 1 Night Accommodation in Tottori
 1 Night Accommodation in Yonago
 1 Night Accommodation in Matsue
 3-Night-4-Day S-CLASS Rental Car Plan*
 Visit San’in Tourist Pass

* Can be exchanged to JR Pass

$4,499+ per person

Travel date:
10 Dec 2018 to 31 mar 2019
Black Out Date: 28 Dec 2018 to 3 Jan 2019

Double Offer!
Offer 1 ▸ Stay at Onsen Ryokan Naniwa Issui and enjoy Dinner with Crab for designated weekday stay for Free!
Offer 2 ▸ Enjoy HK$200 Early Bird Discount for reservation at least 60 days prior to departure!(8)
Please inquire for details.

San’in San’yo Le Guide Michelin Recommendations

★★★ Highly Recommended
★★ Recommended
★ Interesting



★★★Adachi Museum of Art

The Adachi Museum of Art was chosen as the best Japanese garden by the U.S. magazine Sukiya Living (The Journal of Japanese Gardening). It has been ranked at number one for 15 consecutive years.


©Okayama-ken Kanko Renmei ©JNTO

★★★Okayama Korakuen Garden

One of Japan’s three most celebrated gardens, this circuit-style garden is devised so that visitors can enjoy the passing scenery while strolling atop through the garden, particularly atop Yuishinzan Hilll overlooking the garden and, as well as along the nearby waterways.


©Tottori Prefecture ©JNTO

★★Tottori Sand Dunes

A mysterious natural landscape where sand and snow together. Located in the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture, the Tottori Sand Dunes stretch east to west for 16 km and north to south for 2.4 km. Visitors can enjoy a changing terrain peculiar to sand dunes, including the “wind ripples” and “sand screens” engraved into the surface of the sand by the blowing wind. Visitors will also be treated to a superb view from the top of the dunes overlooking the Sea of Japan.


©Shimane Prefectural ©Izumo Taisha

★★Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

Famously dedicated to the god of marriage. This ancient shrine is included in the “Kojiki,” Japan’s oldest extant chronicle. Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is famous for its buildings, the oldest examples of shrine architecture in Japan, and Japan’s largest shimenawa (a sacred rope marking the dwelling place of a god).



★★Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

This townscape, known for the characteristically Japanese white walls of its residences and the willow trees lining the banks of the Kurashiki River, has earned recognition as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. A particularly popular destination for tourists is the “Traditional Boat Tour of Kurashiki Canal*.” This boat tour offers visitors a chance to admire the town’s white walls from a small boat along the Kurashiki River that flows through the center of town.

Reccommended San’in Attraction


©Shimane Prefecture

【Winter Special】Horikawa Sightseeing Boat

Special arrangement only available in winter! There are Japanese traditional “kotatsu” (heated blankets) on the boats in winter. Enjoy the natural scenery along the canal and the view of Matsue Castle with a more traditional way.



【Winter Special】Tottori Hanakairou

The illumination brightens the colors of trees and flowers in the garden, taking visitors to a fairy tale world. The 80,000㎡ garden surrounded by corridors is lit up with 14,000 light bulbs. The sea of lights makes a romantic scene different to Daytime. From November 9th, 2018 to January 14th , 2019, 17:30 to 21:00. (Expect 4.18DEC, 8 JAN)


©Tottori Prefecture

【Winter Special】Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary

Registered in the 2005 Ramsar Convention as an important international wetlands. Every year from the mid-October to the end of March, approximately one thousand tundra swans gather here to spend the winter. Birdwatching activities is highly recommended during Mid-Oct to Late-Mar, especially at evening.


©Shimane Prefecture

Izumo Museum of Quilt Art

The works on display come from Mutsuko Yawatagaki, a local artist whose quilts have been exhibited internationally. You can really feel the ancient Japan in this traditional Japanese house with 200 years history.



Sunset over Lake Shinji

The breathtaking sunset view of Lake Shinji was listed in The 100 Landscapes of Japan. There are many viewing spots around the lake, including the grounds of the Shimane Art Museum. You can also enjoy the view from the lake on a pleasure boat for sunset cruise.


©Tottori Prefecture ©JNTO

Mizuki Shigeru Road

Walking for 800 meters from Sakaiminato Station, you can go Youkai Shrine, Youkai postbox and get a Youkai postmark, and Mizuki Shigeru Museum.

Model Course for 5D4N Basic Plan

Rental Car

Free by showing Pass

Extra Fee Needed

Day 1
Okayama Airport (OKJ) Shop around Okayama Station and dinner

Day 2
Okayama ★★★Okayama Korakuen Garden Okayama Castle ★★Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter (Recommendation: Traditional Boat Tour of Kurashiki Canal (Drive around 2.5 hours) Tottori
*Ticket for Okayama Korakuen Garden: Adult JPY 400, open year round
*Ticket for Okayama Castle: 15 years old or above JPY 300, close on 29, 30, 31 Dec
Traditional Boat Tour of Kurashiki Canal: JPY 500 per person, depart every 30 minutes from 9:30am to 5:00pm (May close due to weather conditions)
Dec ~ Feb: Only depart on Sat, Sun and public holiday (Close on last and first day of the year) / Mar ~ Dec (Close on every second Mon of every month)

Day 3
Tottori ★★Tottori Sand Dunes (Special recommendation from now to to 6 Jan: The Sand Museum: Travel around the world in sand – the nordic countries) Sakaiminato Mizuki Shigeru Road Mizuki Shigeru Museum Yonago “Seasonal Recommendation:” Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary Tottori Hanakairou
*Ticket for The Sand Museum: Adult JPY 600 (Will be closed until April after the exhibition)
*Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary: Close on Tuesday (if public holiday, close on the alternate day but not on Sat or Sun), 29 Dec to 3 Jan, or temporary closed with out notice
*Night light show: 9 Nov 2018 to 14 Jan 2019, open from 13:00 ~ 21:00 (Close on 4, 18 Dec, 8 Jan).
If there is no light show, open from 9:00 ~ 16:30. Recommend to go in the afternoon if there is no light show.

Day 4
Yonago Yasugi ★★Adachi Museum of Art 「Seasonal limited activity: Warm Kotatsu on boat (こたつ)* 」 Matsue Horikawa Pleasure Boat Matsue Castle Sunset over Lake Shinji ( Ride on a boat in Lake Shinji / Enjoy in Shimane Art Museum)
*Only on 10 Nov 2018 ~ 10 Apr 2019
*Shimane Art Museum: Close on every Tue and 28 Dec ~ 1 Jan

Day 5
Matsue (Drive around 1 hour) Izumo ★★Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Izumo Museum of Quilt Art (Drive around 1 hour) Yonago Airport (YGJ) / To Hiroshima or other places to continue your journey
*Izumo Museum of Quilt Art: Close on every Wed and every third Sun on every month

3-Night-4-Day S-CLASS Rental Car Plan*

 Type for reference: Toyota Vitz / Passo
 Passengers: 5 people
 Luggage Storage: 2 pieces

Thoughtful Arrangement to JTB’s Guests

▪Smoking / Non-smoking car can be chosen
▪Child seat available for free (Request at the time of reservation. Age of kids, size and quantity should be provided)
▪Quick Check-in! Smoothen the process!
▪Navigation System, CD Player, ETC systems

Hokkaido Ski

* Extension or upgrade of rental car plan is available. Please inquire our staff for details.
* The surcharge of drop-off service (Okayama-Yonago) is included. Any surcharge for drop-off service in other regions should be paid by customer themselves.
* Insurance is included, except for highway tolls, petrol fees and NOC. The tank needs to be filled up, otherwise a fee will be charged.
* According to the Japanese Traffic Laws, children under the age of 6 must use a child seat.
* Passport and valid international driving license are required for rental car procedure.

*Customers can exchange for San’in – Okayama Area JR Pass with HK$500 refund (Refund arrangement up to 2 pax per car)

Visit San’in Tourist Pass

By showing the Pass to the staff, you can use more than 40 sightseeing facility for free, including Matsue Castle, Adachi Museum of Art, Horikawa Sightseeing Boat and more! You can also get discounts / benefit at some shops and facilities as well!

lease refer to the official announcement for details of Visit Sanin Tourist Pass.


Okayama – Basic Plan 1 night accommodation

Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama  7103-104

▪Breakfast included
▪Pay parking
▪Check-in: 14:00 / Check-out: 12:00

▪Total guest room: 352 rooms
▪Built in 2000 (Renovated in 2011)
▪Location: Okayama JR Station➜2 minutes walk

This hotel has been included in a popular travel website’s top 20 hotels having the best breakfasts for 2 consecutive years! The buffet style breakfast features Japanese cuisine such as rice, miso soup, and other dishes mainly prepared with the finest, freshest vegetables grown in Okayama, as well as Western-style cuisine such as bread, eggs, salads, and more.

三井花園酒店岡山 Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama
三井花園酒店岡山 Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama

Twin Room (20m2)

三井花園酒店岡山 Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Free pack of personal care supplies for every female customer.
▪Late Check-out at 12:00pm

Okayama – Extra HK$190 to upgrade

Hotel Granvia Okayama  7103-085

▪Breakfast included
▪Free parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 12:00

▪Total guest room: 328 rooms
▪Built in 1995 (Renovated in 2011)
▪Location: Okayama JR Station➜3 minutes walk

This 19-story high rise hotel offers guests easy transportation access. The hotel may be accessed directly from Okayama Station via a connecting passageway. All rooms have free Wi-Fi connection. There are 8 restaurants serving different cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese and French inside the hotel.

岡山格蘭比亞大酒店 Hotel Granvia Okayama
岡山格蘭比亞大酒店 Hotel Granvia Okayama
岡山格蘭比亞大酒店 Hotel Granvia Okayama

Twin Room (32m2)

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Free pack of MARGARET JOSEFIN personal care supplies for every female adult customer.

Upgrade choice & cost

Pax Twin Room (32m2) Superior Twin Room (32m2)
2 pax 1 room $190 ~ $630 $400 ~ $840
3 pax 1 room $180 ~ $540 $180 ~ $620

Tottori – Basic Plan 1 night accommodation

Hotel Monarque Tottori  7303-019

▪Free parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 116 rooms
▪Built in 1996
▪Location: Tottori JR Station➜7 minutes walk

Located in Tottori city with convenient access to the train station. This hotel features constant and free-flowing hot-spring and free parking. Single rooms were remodeled and extra twin rooms were added in Feb. 2016.

鳥取蒙那克酒店 Hotel Monarque Tottori
鳥取蒙那克酒店 Hotel Monarque Tottori

Twin Room (30m2)

鳥取蒙那克酒店 Hotel Monarque Tottori

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Arrange early check-in or late check-out for 1 hour

Tottori – Extra HK$520 to upgrade

Mansuirou  7310-009

▪Breakfast & dinner included (Crab feast for dinner)
▪Free parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 44 rooms
▪Built in 1981
▪Location: JR Kurayoshi Station➜15 minutes drive

This inn is famous for its superb cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients, and for a world-leading radium onsen (hot springs).

三朝藥師之湯 萬翠樓 Mansuirou

Japanese Style Room

三朝藥師之湯 萬翠樓 Mansuirou
三朝藥師之湯 萬翠樓 Mansuirou

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪For every TUE & WED check-in, original onsen water toner 「Misasa MIST」will be provided for each room. For every MON & THU check-in, a JPY 1000 coupon for ryokan expense will be arranged for each room (except DEC 16-21,31, JAN 2,4,6-11,27-31, FEB 1, 24-28 )
▪50%off for private onsen bath (on first come first serve base)

Upgrade choice & cost

Pax Japanese Style Room + Basic meal Japanese Style Room + Premium meal
2 pax 1 room $520 ~ $1180 $830 ~ $1480
3 pax 1 room $520 ~ $1010 $830 ~ $1320

Yonago – Basic Plan 1 night accommodation

Hotel Harvest In Yonago  7315-009

▪Breakfast included
▪Pay parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 132 rooms
▪Built in 1994
▪Location: Yonago JR Station➜1 minute walk

Directly connected to JR Yonago train station and bus terminal, this is the best location for a stay in the San-in region.

米子豐收酒店 Hotel Harvest In Yonago
米子豐收酒店 Hotel Harvest In Yonago

Twin Room (20m2)

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Arrange late check-out at 12:00pm (normal check-out time 10:00am)
▪Welcome drink will be served and free skin care set for female customers

Yonago – Extra HK$650 to upgrade

Kaike Kikunoya  7316-004

▪Breakfast and dinner included (Crab feast for dinner)
▪Free parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 31 rooms
▪Built in 1997
▪Location: Yonago JR Station➜15 minutes drive

A hotel filled with an elegant Japanese atmosphere. In July 2005, a new open-air bath was opened. Highly reputed for the wonderful view, the lodging provides 100% natural spring water and fresh seafoods.

皆生菊乃家 Kaike Kikunoya

Japanese Style Room

皆生菊乃家 Kaike Kikunoya
皆生菊乃家 Kaike Kikunoya

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Usage of Ikoiteikikuma Onsen facilities
▪Free rental colorful Yukata for female

Upgrade choice & cost

Pax Japanese Style Room + Basic meal Japanese Style Room + Premium meal Japanese Style Room + Supreme meal
2 pax 1 room $650 ~ $1440 $960 ~ $1750 $1730 ~ $2520
3 pax 1 room $650 ~ $1100 $960 ~ $1400 $1730 ~ $2180

Matsue – Basic Plan 1 night accommodation


▪Breakfast included
▪Pay parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 163 rooms
▪Built in 1983
▪Location: Matsue JR Station➜3 minutes walk

Matsue, also known as the water city, is a castle town with a long and distinguished history. The hotel is located in front of Matsue Station, just a 2-minute walk away. Very convenient as a base of business or sightseeing.

松江 Excel 酒店東急 Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu
松江 Excel 酒店東急 Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu
松江 Excel 酒店東急 Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu

Superior Twin Room (29.8m2)

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Watch the charged TV channel “VOD” for free.

Matsue – Extra HK$230 to upgrade

Naniwa Issui  7322-002

▪Breakfast & dinner included (Crab feast for dinner)
▪Free parking
▪Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 10:00

▪Total guest room: 25 rooms
▪Built in 1967
▪Location: Matsue JR Station➜10 minutes drive

Located on the banks of Lake Shinji in the castle town of Matsue, this inn offers spectacular views of its surrounding area. Guests are invited to enjoy the uniquely designed guest rooms, delicious local cuisine, and hot spring baths that have been popular since ancient times.

浪花一水 Naniwa Issui

Japanese Style Room

浪花一水 Naniwa Issui
浪花一水 Naniwa Issui

ACE JTB customers privilege

▪Free rental colorful Yukata for female
▪Free rental bike for 2 hours (request must be made during reservation [TEL+MS]

Upgrade choice & cost

Pax Japanese Style Room + Basic meal Japanese Style Room + Premium meal
2 pax 1 room $230 ~ $410 $340 ~ $520
3 pax 1 room $60 ~ $240 $180 ~ $350

Not serving premium meal on 27 DEC – 9 JAN, 1 – 31 MAR

Stay at Onsen Ryokan Naniwa Issui and enjoy Dinner with Crab for designated weekday stay for Free!Please inquire for details.

1. Air ticket is not included in this package.
2. Reservation should be made 10 days prior to departure.
3. Please contact our travel consulter for Infant (<2 years old), children, children not to occupy a bed & single traveller fare. Children not occupying bed may also be required to pay for buffet breakfast (direct payment to hotel) according to certain hotel arrangement.
4. Prices are quoted with the exchange rate by date of brochures created/updated. It may subject to changes according to the exchange rate & the supply of rooms without prior notice.
5. Hotel surcharges apply to weekend, holiday and specific dates, please inquire with JTBHK for details.
6. Minimum 2 pax to go. Prices are quoted in HKD per adult (occupying half room), included TIC 0.15% Levy.
7. Once booking confirmed, handling fee will be charged for any changes. Please contact our staff for details.
8. For those booking which enjoy early bird discount, no changes is allowed (including but not limited to date, room types, number of pax per room, meal content etc.) Any changes will be considered as to cancel existing booking and rebook. Customers may lose the offer of early bird discount, and have to pay for the amount of difference.
9. Services and treats provided by hotels is subject to hotel arrangement.
10. Content Tourist Pass subject to official announcement.
11. TIC recommends every traveler to purchase travel insurance that meets your need before departure.
12. JTB (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision in case of disputes.
13. Images, prices, schedule and information are for reference only.

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